Green Business Networking Event of the Season – Huge Success!

We had a great turnout last evening for “The Green Business Networking Event of the Season” co-hosted by Texas Green Network, Austin EcoNetwork and Eco Series. Thank you Roland and Amanda of Eco Series and to Threshold Furniture & Design for donating the space for this special occasion.
Green Fern Events was a sponsor for this event and it was great exposure for us. Everything turned out PERFECT and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. There are many reasons why I love this city but what I love most is the COMMUNITY. Everyone was connecting and networking and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. The music was fabulous. Thank you Fifth Nation – and for your moving environmental lyrics! The food was fabulous. Thank you Spoon & Co. & Dishalicious! The drinks were quite tasty too! Beverages were provided by Live Oak Brewery, Sesa Tea, Texas Water Co., Maine Root, and Habitat Suites Hotel donated the wine. Oh, and my friend and colleague Monique Capanelli of Articulture Designs, raffled one of her incredibly gorgeous and sustainable centerpieces for a lucky guest to take home. It was a fabulous evening and if you couldn’t make it this time, we hope to see you next year should we decide to make this an annual affair.

Green Fern Events Sponsors “THE Green Business Networking Event of the Season”

Green Fern Events is pleased to announce we will be co-sponsoring “The Green Business Networking Event of the Season” next Wednesday, October 21 from 6-9pm at The Monarch Building – downtown Austin. The event is co-hosted by Texas Green Network, Austin EcoNetwork, and Eco Series and will feature LOCAL food catered by Spoon & Co./Dishalicious, LOCAL beverages provided by Maine Root, Sesa Tea, and Live Oak Beer, with live music by Fifth Nation.

For more information and/or to sign up for this event please click on the links below.

THE Green Networking Event of the Season

Join us next Wednesday, October 21 for The Green Networking Event of the Season. The event is hosted by Texas Green Network, Austin EcoNetwork and Eco Series, and Green Fern Events is helping to support this great event.

10th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

I attended the 10th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair this past weekend in Fredricksburg, TX. Even though it was an uncomfortably warm weekend weather wise, the event seemed to have a great turnout. My husband (who is starting a renewable energy consulting business) said he got a lot of value networking with exhibitors as well as sitting in on numerous presentations. I too enjoyed networking with the exhibitors although spent most of the day chasing around and playing with my 20-month old son! There was an electric-powered train ride for the young kids that we road once or twice and the older kids enjoyed making solar-powered ovens out of pizza boxes and constructing solar-powered toy cars. I was impressed too with the little amount of waste produced at this fair. Most people brought their personal water bottles to fill at various water stations and to my knowledge none of the vendors sold bottled water. For more information visit the website.

Soji Solar Lanterns

Check out these modern solar-powered LED lanterns. They collect power from the sun all day and then turn themselves on at night to cast a beautiful shimmering glow. Because each lantern is hand-made and constructed with a silk-like material they are a little more expensive than your typical paper lantern. They are great for any outdoor wedding or special event. According to the company, each lantern (if set in direct sunlight all day) should glow up to 4-6 hours at night. I haven’t had a chance to check this out personally yet but hopefully they last as long as they say. To learn more about LED solar-powered lanterns please visit here.

Go Green – Go Organic Cotton!

You may not know this but conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop and accounts for 16% of the world’s pesticides. Organic cotton is one of the fastest growing markets in the textile industry. Mod Green Pod is an Austin-based textile company that sells certified organic cotton fabric for upholstery as well as PVC-free wallpaper. I love their fabrics and designs! They also sell tote bags which make great eco-friendly gifts.

SolaRover: Mobile Solar Power For Events

SolaRover is a new start-up based in Austin that provides mobile solar power systems for all types of commercial, industrial, and emergency applications (YES, this means for the events industry as well – weddings, corporate, and special events). There are zero operating costs and the power, of course, is 100% green! The systems are silent and take only minutes to plug in. Rental costs are reasonable as well. Very cool…check it out!

Kerville Folk Festival 2009 – Bring Your Own Cup!

How simple of an idea yet what a profound positive impact it has at major festivals across the US and globe – when event organizers and producers mandate that you bring and use your own cup! This eliminates literally thousands of plastic bottles and cups, and thousands of pounds of waste. Kerville Folk Festival has been doing this for years and was one of the first festivalss nationwide to adopt this new policy. At first, people complained because change is always hard. But once folks got used to it, it was easy. I carried my reusable cup around all weekend. I used it for water when I was thirsty, beer when I was thirsty and coffee when I needed to wake up in the morning after sleepless nights of great campfire music.  

Green Fern event produces 1 bag of trash!

Last weekend Green Fern Events helped produce an event for 150+ guests that resulted in only 1 bag of trash! If I remember correctly, the garbage bag wasn’t even completely full. Kudos goes to Whole Foods Market Culinary Center for managing the food waste portion of the event and to the family for making smart yet sustainable purchasing decisions from day 1 of planning. In addition, there were only 2 bags of recyclables remaining post event- mainly plastic and glass. 

Many individuals have the misconception that an event is green based on the amount of materials recycled post event, or that they used eco-friendly products. But this is not true in its entirety. A truly sustainable event reduces first and recycles last. There is a reason why the 3 R’s are listed in that particular order: 1-Reduce, 2-Reuse, 3-Recycle. If you reduce as much as possible initially, purchase or rent reusable items and recylce last…you are more likely to have less waste at the conclusion of your wedding, special or corporate event. Thus resulting in a truly GREEN event! Imagine the positive environmental impact this would have on earth if every 150 person event across the globe only produced 1 bag of trash. We have a long way to go.