New Tasty Desserts for your Wedding or Special Event!

Tiny Pies is a unique new Austin-based bakery that creates delicious bite size pies for businesses, weddings and special events. Tiny Pies uses the freshest seasonal ingredients, such as summer peaches, that will leave your mouth watering for more. They have a variety of pies such as Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry Bliss, Sweet Texas Pecan, and Dutchy’s Apple. Tiny Pies is a great snack to enjoy out at Barton Springs or Zilker Park.

Tiny Pies treats can be found at the Barton Creek farmers market, on-line, and at your favorite neighborhood grocery store or retail shop. Tiny Pies tries to be as conscious as possible about the environmental impacts of their business. They take the following steps to minimize their foot print:
  • Only print on recycled paper
  • The plastic packaging for their pies is from partially recycled material
  • They communicate with their customers via email marketing (they do not send any hard copy mail pieces)
  • They are currently moving kitchens and will begin a composting bin at the new kitchen
  • They recycle all materials that they can in their kitchen

Coming Soon! 2011 APEX Green Meeting Standards

APEX/ASTM environmentally sustainable meeting standards have reached a new milestone! Currently, eight of the nine sustainable meeting standards have been completed and are pending final approval for publication. When launched, the comprehensive standards will give planners and companies real metrics for applying best green strategies to the nine sectors within the event planning process. Green Fern Events is excited to implement these new standards as well as to educate and consult with interested parties.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Conference 2011

Green Fern Events, alongside a team of colleagues at Technology Transition Corporation and McNabb Marketing Resources successfully implemented the FC&HE 2011 Conference in National Harbor, MD in February. With over 800 attendees and representatives from 19 countries in attendance, this was the first official event of the newly formed Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). In October 2010, the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) and the US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) joined forces to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies.

The Conference entitled “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Pathway to Our Clean Energy Economy” featured high profile speakers such as policy makers, corporate leaders, and independent energy strategists. In addition to the powerful keynote and parallel sessions, the Expo portion of the event provided great networking opportunities as well as insight into the breadth of commercial-ready systems. With over 73 exhibitors and 112 booths, the Expo was the second largest ever. Overall, the event went very well. We would also like thank all the vendors and service providers for all of their support.
But would this event have been a success if it was not also sustainable? Maybe yes according to budget, but in this day and age success and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Below is a list of some of the measures we took to minimize negative environmental impact for FC&HE 2011 while at the same time keeping costs down.
Greening FC&HE 2011
  • Venue Selection: We chose a conference center hotel so people would be able to walk to meeting space and exhibit hall and not have to drive. All of the meeting space was in the same space as the sleeping rooms.
  • Destination & Transportation: We chose a central east-coast destination (Washington, DC) to minimize travel distance for attendees as well as for attendees to be able to use mass transportation while in town, i.e., metro, bus, rail, or to be able to walk or bike ride.
  • Food & Beverage: Eliminated bottled water completely. We had water stations set-up throughout the venue and encouraged attendees to bring/use their own water bottle. We used compostable/biodegradable cups for water and coffee breaks. We used real china for every food function and also reduced food waste by not over ordering.
  • Recycling: Recycling bins were requested and used in all food function areas, exhibit hall and in meeting rooms.
  • Audio Visual: We used LED stage lighting for general session and made sure all projectors were off when not in use.
  • Exhibition Services: Used reusable signage where we could, had carpet repurposed/recycled, made sure all cardboard from shipments was recycled
  • Printing: Conference bags were made from recycled plastic bottles (reusable grocery totes) and printed with soy-based ink. We combined the Abstract Booklet with Final Program (2 publications into one) to minimize print/production costs. Final program was printed on recycled paper and printed locally.
While these are just a few of the many sustainable practices we applied to the event management process, there is always room for more. The strategies we implemented worked for this group, as it was also important to stay within or under budget.
About Green Fern Events (GFE). Green Fern Events is an event management company which specializes in the production of sustainable meetings, conferences and special events. Based in Austin, TX – GFE helps clients reduce the social, economic, and environmental impact of their events, while at the same time delivering flawless, professionally executed events at a cost effective price.

Green Fern Events Helps to “GREEN” Bazaarvoice’s Holiday Party

Green Fern Events was contracted to provide recycling and composting services for Bazaarvoice‘s holiday event, held November 5, 2010 at the Austin Music Hall. With over 700 guests in attendance, theme for the evening was “Roaring 20’s”. In addition to the theme décor and decorations, the company wanted to do what they could to help minimize the environmental impact for their event. They brought in the “experts” and Green Fern Events (along with Wandering River Recycling) successfully diverted three quarters or 74% of all the waste from a landfill!

Throughout the evening, the casino tables were packed, drinks were going down smoothly alongside hand-rolled cigars, and the DJ downstairs and jazz duet on the patio kept everyone on their toes! With all of this going on, I observed many of the guests paying attention to the RECYCLE and COMPOST signs and disposing of their beer cans and compostable plates properly. It was a fantastic sight to see.
Not only is Bazaarvoice a global leader in social commerce technology and solutions, THEY as business and individuals are setting a powerful example of environmental leadership and corporate social responsibility. With special help from the G.I. Joes (a.k.a. the green team) Bazaarvoice employees implement many green strategies into their business culture, community, as well as for the events they produce. Voted #1 place to work in Austin, Bazaarvoice is leading the way in all that they do.
It was exciting to see how hard everyone partied and then how much waste we were able to divert from a landfill as a result of our recycling and food composting initiatives. It was great fun and we hope this is the start of a trend for many companies to follow in Bazaarvoice’s footsteps.

ISES Austin September 2010 Green Event

Photos by La Dolce Vita Photography. Thanks to all who joined us for the ISES Austin September event to discuss best green strategies to implement today. I was honored to be invited to speak and to put together the program content. With input from a panel of experts (Marla Camp of Edible Austin, Brandi C. Burton of Austin EcoNetwork, and Gerry Acuna of Tri-Recycling), the room was buzzing with questions, comments and concerns regarding environmental issues surrounding the events and catering industry. Thanks to all the wonderful vendors who contributed to the production of the event and to the event professionals who participated in the discussion.

Green Fern Events provided the composting and recycling services for the event helping to keep the event true to its name! As a result of our recycling/food compost efforts as well as implementing many green strategies to the event planning process for the September meeting, we only had 2 bags of refuse post-event. Everything else was either recycled or composted.

Official Post-Event Eco-Analysis

LANDFILL WASTE: .3 Cubic Yards
RESULT: 80% of our waste from the September meeting was diverted from a landfill!

ISES AUSTIN: September “Green Theme” Meeting

Hello Friends! It is a privilege and an honor to be speaking tomorrow evening on behalf of the “greening” of the meeting and events industry for ISES Austin Chapter (International Society of Event Specialists). This is going to be a fantastic event at a beautiful new wedding and special events venue in central Austin. Green Fern Events is sponsoring the recycling and food compost for this event and will be leading the panel discussion of key environmental leaders in the Austin Community. Join us tomorrow 9/21 from 6-9pm to learn “Best Practices for Going Green Today!”. More information can be found on ISES Austin’s WEBSITE and BLOG.

10 Tips for Staying Cool (and Green!) This Summer:

It is no big surprise that our energy bills increase during the summer months. Looking for a way to reduce your energy costs while saving money? Turn to these helpful tips to stay cool this summer.

1. Program your thermostat to work around your family’s summer schedule. Be sure to set it a few degrees higher (such as 78 degrees) when no one is home, so your cooling system isn’t cooling an empty house. With proper use, you can save almost $180 a year in energy costs by simply programming your thermostat!

2. Remember to run your ceiling fan to create a cool breeze. If you raise your thermostat by only two degrees and use your ceiling fan, you can lower cooling costs by up to 14 percent. But also make sure to remember to turn your ceiling fans off when not in use.

3. Pull the curtains and shades closed before you leave your home to keep the sun’s rays from overheating the interior of your home. Try moving container trees and plants in front of sun-exposed windows to serve as shade.

4. Start using more energy-efficient lighting choices. Swapping you’re your old incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient lighting not only uses less energy, but it also produces about 75 percent less heat. This can reduce your cooling bills as well.

5. Add insulation to your attic to keep cool air in. If every American household did so, Americans would collectively save more than $1.8 billion in yearly energy costs… so start insulating those attics!

6. If your central air conditioning unit is more than 12 years old, replacing it with a model that has earned EPA’s Energy Star could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent.

7. Start showering with cold water. During the summer, our body temperatures are much more hotter than usual. Therefore, enjoying a nice cold refreshing shower will help you stay cool, while also saving money and energy.

8. Smear on some aloe vera after your shower and get ready for a nice skin-tingling experience. Aloe vera has a cooling effect once it is spread on, so it can definitely help you cool down. For an even chillier experience, store your aloe gel or juice in the fridge before application.

9. Be sure to dress in clothes that are made with breezy organic cotton. It will help your body stay cool and comfortable during the heat. Breathable organic cotton fabric is the absolute key to warm-weather comfort while also staying green!

10. Eat more juicy fruits! The reason fruit becomes so tantalizing to us during those hot summer days is because our body screams for high moisture content foods. So start snacking on some grapes, berries, oranges, and watermelon… but try to keep your fruit selection local in order to reduce your carbon footprint!

For more helpful hints and tips, check out these two websites: