About Green Fern Events

Based in Austin, Texas, Green Fern Events (GFE) is a Full Service Event Management Company. GFE delivers flawless, full-scale green conferences and events for national associations, enterprise-level corporations and specialized green businesses. We are a leading producer of zero waste events.

Green Practices / Great Business Strategy

The downside of most large-scale events is the depletion of city resources. GFE’s events have a positive impact on the host city and on your guests. GFE uses the highest rated green event sustainability practices in the event management industry. Our events are a demonstration of how environmentally responsible practices can improve local business, educate the public and virtually eliminate waste—all while costing the same or less than a traditional event. Practicing social, economic, and environmental responsibility benefit everyone and make your company look great.


GFE is compliant with the following existing and global green meeting and sustainable event standards:

Overview of GFE Event Management Services:

  • Green Practices Planning, Tracking and Reporting
  • Site Selection and Negotiation
  • Budget Planning & Implementation
  • Timeline Development and Coordination
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Vendor Selection, Negotiation, and Coordination
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sponsor Coordination
  • Exhibit Coordination
  • Event PR & Communications
  • Registration
  • Lodging Management
  • Transportation
  • Speaker Coordination
  • Audio-Visual
  • On-Site Management
  • Post-Event Reporting

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The Vision and Meaning Behind Green Fern Event’s Logo: KORU

The Koru is the Maori symbol of the FERN FROND from New Zealand.

It represents positive CHANGE, GROWTH, and HARMONY. This is why I chose this symbol as the brand for my company. I want to produce events that create movement, growth, and change towards a more sustainable future. I was inspired by this image during my travels abroad in college. I traveled to NZ in 2002 for a conference on global eco-tourism. During the trip – A native woman I met and bonded with, gifted me with a jade KORU necklace.

Check out this cool short video on meaning of the Koru: 

From: http://www.mountainjade.co.nz/blog/the-koru-meaning-new-life-harmony/